We're building the future we deserve today.

QRC Millvale hopes to support the LGBTQIA+ community of Millvale and surrounding areas through community building, education, celebration, and support.

  • Our Community

    We believe that the only way we will survive is together. Join our community IRL in Millvale or online on Discord or Facebook.

  • Found Family

    Join QRC for queer-centered holiday events.- Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner where Uncle Joe isn’t quizzing you on pronouns over pie.

  • Queer Coven

    We’re creating sacred space where we can heal and grow together. No matter your path, there is room for your spirituality here in the

    Queer Coven.

  • Sober Sundays

    Not every Queer event has to be centered around Alcohol. We might frequent our local They-Bar, but we want everyone to feel included. Come to our alcohol free events twice monthly.

  • Charlie's Charms

    This one’s for the trans femmes & NB femmes who are just starting thier journey AND anyone who wants to support them or explore gender in a safe environment! Our monthly community closet might have just the outfit you need to feel beautiful in your own skin.

  • Queer Prom

    Was your highschool prom a cis-het flop? Wish you could do it all over again but in a Gay way? We do our best to replicate a Highschool Prom party that you can enjoy as your authentic self.

  • Therapeutic DnD

    Harness the power of table top games to explore mental health in group settings! Practice social skills in custom fantasy worlds, curated by experienced therapists.

  • Support Groups & Trainings

    Learn more about Gestalt Group work as well as affirming, dynamic, and holistic care for LGBTQIA+ and specifically transgender clients.